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Victron Energy Professional Setup & Assistance

Victron Energy Equipment is by far the best for your Offgrid or Solar System. We've been using their products ourselves for years.  We're involved in the developer community and in regular contact with Victron staff on many technical issues and suggestions for improvement.

Victron Energy Professional Services

Multiplus  Quattro Programming & Setup

Many dealers and retails of Victron Inverter, Multiplus and Quattros will program them for you before shipment, but not all and even then sometimes settings need to be updated.

We can help guide you through it or visit you to help make sure things are setup correctly.

Victron Inverter Multiplus Quattro Installation

Making new inverters such as the Multiplus fit in an RV can be a challenge. We bring everything required for the setup, programming and installation such as computer, dongles, 4/0 Welding cable, cable lugs, hydraulic crimper and more.

Victron Smart Solar Charger Installation

Nothing wore than getting all this nice new blue solar gear and it's not working right. Often times firmware needs to be updated across multiple components before they will communicate properly. We can also program values specific to your setup for proper charging of batteries in all conditions.

Note: Partial install, customer wanted to finish PV side.

Victron Cerbo GX, Color Control GX Setup

The brains of the complete Victron Energy experience is the Cerbo GX . The firmware continues to evolve at a rapid pace and as such, documentation and guides become out of date quickly. We stay on top of all VenusOS development and even contribute to it when possible.

Ask about GUI Mods for even more control of your CCGX or Cerbo GX experience.