How much does an RV Solar System Cost?

RV Solar System Cost & Upgrade Progression

Scroll down and explore your RV Solar system upgrade options and price points.   The pricing estimates are parts only, installation is extra and can be between a few hours to a few days of labor.

If you'd like to self install we will sell you the products and support you through the process.

As you'll see below the costs are more than just the major compnents, but also wiring, fuses, disconnects, etc.

Lithium Battery Upgrade
From $500

Lithium RV Battery Upgrade 100 to 200ah

One of the easiest upgrades you can make is simply upgrading your FLA or AGM battery to lithium. Most RVs and Travel trailers come with lead acid batteries that are not well suited for RVing.

With lithium batteries you get confidence and peace of mind knowing your furnace fans won't lose power during the night.

One of our most popular batteries is one that requires nothing extra and has a built in bluetooth app for monitoring state of charge. 200ah Lithium Battery.

Small Solar
From $2,600

400w Solar, 50 amp charger, 200ah battery

Great for smaller RVs with limited power usage.

With a rv solar system like this you should be able to boondock / drycamp in most situations using only 12v appliances for 3-4 days possibly indefinitely depending on season and power usage.

If you need 120v AC power like at home or with hookups, keep scrolling.

Small Solar + 30 amp Inverter
From $4000

400w Solar, 50 amp charger, 200ah battery inverter

Add an inverter for 120v AC household power  and more solar to replensih the battery(s)

This great for camper vans or smaller RVs where you don't ever want to use the air conditioner. You may want to add a second or 3rd battery depending on your power consumption.

The next level is expanding the system for longer boondocking is adding an inverter / charger to the system. With even a smaller 2000va inverter you can run things like a microwave, induction cooktop or a small window unit A/C, not very long though. Great for weekend warriors looking to get off the electric pole and explore.

Medium Solar  + 30/50 amp Inverter
From $7500

800w solar, 400ah battery, 2000-3000va Inverter

More battery, larger inverter

Now we've upgraded to a 3000va inverter and added even more batteries. The backbone of this stage is the Multiplus 2x120 Inverter Charger. Its key benefit is making all of the outlets work in your RV along with being able to run any microwave or air conditioner (not at the same time).

Labor costs start to make up more and more of the installed cost estimate as more wires are needed to be run in tighter spaces.

We also add more monitoring and management components such as the Lynx Distributor - as well as the Smart Shunt or BMV to monitor battery capacity as a group.

Addons & Options

Let's go over a few addons we commonly start adding around this stage in the RV Solar Progression

The Cerbo GX is an all in one monitoring solution for your solar system. It also acts as a control for many of the advanced features of the Multiplus Inverters you've heard so much about such as Hybrid Assist and Input Current Limiting.

The Touch 50 / 70 is the touch display that connects to the Cerbo GX for easy veiwing of your system vitals. We typically mount this in a common area of the RV via USB /HDMI extensions.

Lynx Distributor is the unsung hero of offgrid power systems. This is an elegant all in one fusing and monitor solution for your DC system. Each device or line has it's own dedicated fuse and indicator light (enabled with our special cable we included) that lets you know if a fuse is blown and which one.

Large Solar + Inverter
From $10,000

1600w solar, 800ah battery, 3000va Inverter

Run everything, even your AC for extended periods in full sun.

Double the fun with double the solar and battery bank. With this level of system you'll be boondocking with a residential fridge and running all the AC appliances in your RV or 5th Wheel just fine. On particularly sunny days you'll even be able to run the AC a good portion of the day without a problem.

Large Solar , Inverter(s) And all the batteries

1600w solar, 1600ah battery, 2x 3000va Inverter

Live like you're plugged in no matter where you are.

Typically only reserved for the largest RVs, 5th wheels and more. A system like this can run 2 air conditioners at the same time with ease, or an AC plus a microwave. Like the title says, you can for the most part, forget about if you're plugged in or not.

Battery choice on a large system can dramatically shift the overall cost around quite a bit. We have a number of attractive options including custom built batteries that fit into the smaller spaces.

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