Offgrid & RV Solar Installer MN

Offgrid & RV Solar Installation

We'll help design, source and install a solar system for your RV that will let you for get about hookups and RV parks.

RV Solar System Design

We'll work with you to design an rv solar system that will work for your RV, your needs and your pocketbook. Planning for upgrades and expansion as you use your RV is very common.


As dealers for Victron, Battle Born, AM Solar and others we can get you the best deals on products all in one place.

We do not sell directly online.


We'll research your specific RV and consult with you all along the way to make sure the installation goes smoothly and as you intend.

Take a look at our Youtube channel for examples of workmanship.

Education and Training

After we're done and during installation we'll walk you through what we're doing and why. We'll also program any equipment and answer any questions. We're also available post install anytime.

RV Solar Estimate Request

City and State

About Your RV

Include current batteries, inverters, monitoring, etc.

Solar Energy Needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply wire and other hardware?
Yes, it is either included in our estimate and paid for directly or smaller things like screws and incidentals are included in labor.
Can I help you install ?
Absolutely! We believe in learning by doing and you knowing more about your rv solar system. We do still need to charge the same amount for installation as we're trading labor for education which both have value.
Can I run an RV Air Conditioner on Solar?
Yes it is possible for short periods of time with even a moderately sized system. For longer run times it does require an even larger battery and solar panel array to keep things going.
Will I still need a generator?
Most likely yes. Without a very large battery bank and solar array, a few days of rain or clouds will put most solar systems near empty. For many carrying a small generator for these rare occasions is a perfect balance.