This RV Solar system chart shows some rough break points for different sized systems as well as budgets.   Contact us to get a customized quote based on your RV and specific needs.

Small Solar 400w
Medium Solar 800w
Large Solar 1600w
All the Power 2000w
Best for Small Trailers Small / Medium Trailer Large Trailer, 5th Wheel, Class A 5th Wheel, Class A
Boondocking Days Dependong on conditions and power usage. (No A/C) 2-3 3-7 Infinite Infinite
Typical Usage What can you expect to do. Each level includes the previous. 12v Lights, Furnace, 12v Fridge, Water pump, Charge phones, etc. 120v Items such as Microwave, Coffee makers, TV, etc. Some AC usage, induction cooking, Residential Fridge, more load for more people. Heavier AC usage, use more items longer or more time before generator needs to be used.
Battery Capacity Cost is dependant on what type. 100-200ah 200-400ah 400ah+ 800ah+
Hybrid Inverter / Charger Makes 120v outlets work and charges batteries on shore power. Optional Multiplus II 2000va Multiplus II 3000va Multiplus II 3000va (2x) Configurable as 30a Parallel Single Phase or 50a Split Phase
Solar Chargers Victron MPPT 100 pv | 50 a 100 pv | 50 a 100 pv | 50 a (2x) 150 pv | 100 a (2x)Or configured as needed
Solar Panels 200w Rich Solar 2 4 8 8-12+
Cerbo GX + Touch 50 Optional
Chasis / Tow Charging Optional Optional Optional Optional
Labor Included
Estimated Total Cost $4,000 $8,500 $12,500 $19,000+
City and State

About Your RV

Include current batteries, inverters, monitoring, etc.

Solar Energy Needs