Can't get a reservation at MN State and other RV parks. Now what?

Posted on : 14 Jan 2022


As 2019 and 2020 saw record RV and Travel Trailer Sales soar, the supply of reservable camping sites has not kept pace.  Reservations? Where we're going, we don't need Reservations, get ready to boondock.

Have you considered boondocking?

Boondocking might sound something only hardcore campers do, akin to walking out into the mn state forests and setting up camp. It doesn't have to be that intimidating, while if that's the experience you're looking for, it's out there.

At it's core, boondocking is simply camping without hookups.

Fill your water tank, and charge up your batteries (or run a generator) and get out there. One great thing about boondocking is you'll find yourself in places , enjoying nature in ways you can't any other way. Did we mention it's also cheaper or free in many cases?

Boondocking goes by many other names like Wild Camping, Dispersed Camping, Camping Without Hookups, etc.

Find summer sunsets you'll remeber forever

Find Places to Boondock

You can Boondock many places, from State Forests, National Forest Campgrounds, National Forest Service Campgrounds , County Parks, BLM Land and even a Walmart parking lot.

Find your next boondocking adventure.

A collection of reservable and first come first serve (FF) camping areas. If you're looking to snag an FF site, try and get there early Friday on a weekend or earlier. We've never been skunked Memorial or labor day weekend this way.


Curated and user submitted campsites with excellent reviews

User submitted sites with reviews.


User submitted sites with reviews

Google Maps

Browse google maps, find State and National forests and follow forest roads. You'll find amazing views and camping right here.

These are great options when you suddenly get a few days off or a free weekend and just want to do go. As much as we love Minnesota, there are a number of great NFS camp grounds with many FF sites within 1 hour drive of each other. Two Lakes campground has 90+ sites, all boondocking and always sites open (so far).

Is is boondocking safe?

Depending on the area, the biggest concern you'll have is a racoon going through your trash, but there are bears and other animals out there. After all, you're in their home, so do take precautions to not attract them. most National Forest Service campgrounds have a camp host that keeps the area clean. Some less traffic areas might see a DNR truck drive bay once a day or so, while other areas the only people you'll see if any are other campers. In our experience other RVers and campers are the nicest bunch, however do use your best judgement if something doesn't seem right.

What about power?

This is where we can help. For electrical power, you're going to need batteries. Every RV or Travel Trailer comes with some sort of battery. However as you might have a guessed it, a single battery on the tongue of your trailer might not cut it over 2 or 3 days. Adding an extra battery and some solar panels is a great way to extend your runtime. You can upgrade to lithium batteries, a power inverter and even more panels and camp like you have hookups anywhere.

There are solutions to fit any budget, trailer or RV and lifestyle. We'd love to help in anyway we can email, text or call us.

Other nice to have items

  • Battery Monitor - don't be surprised if power goes out. Also, if lead acid battery don't run down past 50%
  • LED bulbs for interior lights
  • Portable Power System like a Jackery or Bluetti.
  • Backup generator
  • Extra water
  • Portable Shower Tent and solar water heater bag - There is a rumor that not showering is a mosquito deterrent, however your family might not appreciate it.

A Trial Run

Have we sold you on boondocking yet? Good, but before heading out there, we suggest a trial run in the driveway. You don't even have to live it during that time, just have the fridge on, some interior lights on, etc.

See how the battery performs. If the battery dies or gets very low the first day, you'll want to fix that. there are things you can do to try and restore capacity, contact us for help there too.

For water figure a minimum of 1 gallon per day, per person without showers. This can be extended by bringing bottled water or cleaning up in a near by lake (we've got something like 13,000 of them).

Enjoy waterfront walkout campsites.
Some of the best things, money can't buy

In Conclusion

Don't get discouraged you can't find a place to camp and use your RV or Trailer this summer.

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