Posted on : 06 Jan 2022


The short answer here is yes, you can run your AC (Air Conditioning) from solar, but as always, it's not that simple.

Your RV Air Conditioner is 120v AC power (in most RVs), you need an inverter to power your Air Conditioner . The Inverter gets its power from batteries, and batteries are ultimately charged by solar.

An RV Air Conditioner uses about 1300 watts of power to run, at bare minimum you'll need 1300 watts of solar to run it. However, that's not the whole story, that's in perfect conditions. Rarely do we have perfect conditions, more often you'll have partial shade, haze, partial clouds, etc that knock down your solar panel efficiency to 70 or even 50% depending on the time of year.

To run your RV Air Conditioner on Solar you really need a lot of solar panels and a big battery bank. We've done it many times, but it's not for everyone.

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