Posted on : 13 Dec 2022


In 2022 we installed 20,765 watts of solar panels, 12,480 amp hours (@12v) of battery in RVs, Cabins, Food Trucks and more.

Honestly, we were not expecting the response we did as a new business. We can't thank each and everyone one of our customers enough, we feel like adopted family by every one of them. We loved hearing stories of customers going full time or just being able to enjoy life a little more, we were honored to play a small part in that.

So just how did we spend 2022? Let's take a look.


We ended up doing a fair bit of travel. While not all at the same time, we went into North Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin and even the UP of Michigan .


This was our bread and butter of projects. We installed batteries, inverters, solar chargers, solar panels, DC-DC chargers and more on everything from micro-lite travel trailers to 46ft 5th wheels. While we worked on RVs from many different manufacturers it was interesting seeing the commonalities and differences in their approach to design and construction. Grand Design 5th wheels might be our favorite, usually nothing complicated and plenty of room to work.


Many people don't realize it can often cost 10's of thousands of dollars to get electricity ran to a remote cabin. So we figured, why not do those as well?

Not sure how much of these we'll do in the future, but it was fun.

DIY Conversions
DIy Camper Vans, Bus Conversion and everything in between

We had a blast working with do it your selfers who just needed a hand for the sparky stuff. As many of you know we did a bus conversion ourselves and love thinking outside of the box, in fact we're not even sure we have a box anymore.

From the couple who upgraded a youtube famous skoolie to the retired vet building a 4x4 camper van to the young couple remodeling a travel trailer, everyone of the projects was so fun. Seeing in ingenuity and different approaches to building and living your best life was amazing and we're humbled you let us be a part of it.

Commercial Projects

RVs and Cabins aren't the only things needing solar systems. We teamed up with a few local companies as their Victron Dealer to help them keep various things powered no matter the situation. Think Job site security systems or other data and telemtry needs.

Food Trucks

Again we are continually amazed at the many different ways you can use batteries and inverters to solve problems. While the food at Food Trucks are amazing, the noise, not so much. More and more food truck operators are wanting to ditch their unreliable generator and go with silent power that costs them about $3 a day in electricity.

We think this will be a growth area for us in 2023.

Thank You!

We had an amazing year as you can see, but it just wasn't about the work. It was about the people and experiences most of all. We traveled thousands of miles and our customers traveled thousands of miles to us. We look forward to a better 2023 to help even more people get out and enjoy nature or just do whatever you're doing better.

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