We're passionate about enjoying the outdoors, travel and using solar energy to make it even better.

Who Are We

My name is Shawn Himmelberger, my wife Jen and I are busy raising our 4 children (10-17) and thought what better a time than 2021 to start a new company.

Seriously though, it was a need I saw in 2020 and 2021 as more and more RVers took to our campgrounds. We've always enjoyed unplugging and venturing off the beaten path. Now I get to help others have that same freedom with solar and upgraded RV power systems.

Personally, I'm a tinkerer, a maker, previous business owner (other is still active, Himmelberger Design) who loves the outdoors making memories with friends and family.

JD Anderson

In the summer of 2022, JD our good friend who also has a bus conversion and a mega solar system joined our team. Learn more about his and family at the Renegade Life

Our Solar Story

In 2016 we had the crazy idea to convert an old Greyhound bus (MCI MC9)  to make memories with our family and see this country.

The day we brought it home April 2017

How it Started
A blank canvas

Looks rough here, but through it all I had a vision in mind for what it could be. What kept us going was the memories I knew we'd make and places we could go.

Empty Bus Conversion shell 2017

How it's going
An evolving work in progress

It's been a journey that still continues today but ultimately it's been a worth while endeavor. The completed conversion features 4 bunk beds, bathroom, shower, master suite, kitchen, dinette and front lounge.

To learn more or watch more check out our Youtube Channel.

MCI MC9 Bus Conversion 2019

Our Solar System

We started with 6 325 watt commercial sized panels on two low racks for 3 panels each. This gave us 1950 watts of PV solar which works well enough, but soon we learned exactly how partial shading, haze from wild fires and cloudy days affects our solar power collection.

Two years later we upgraded our solar but raising the rack to go over all the items on a roof such as fans, vents and air conditioners. This allowed us to put 8 325 watt commercial sized panels on the roof for a total of 2600 watts of PV solar.

Our battery bank and inverter situation has also evolved overtime. We started with much cheaper inverter, 4x 6v golf cart batteries. It was at this time I realized I can't save money by buying cheap components.

We upgraded to Victron Multiplus and other Victron components soon after that cheaper inverter failed.

Next we added 21kw of secondhand Telecom style AGM batteries, a cheap stepping stone to Lithium. At the time Lithium batteries were still very expensive, the same power in lithium would have cost $10,000 - $20,000.

Do excuse the mess here, this past summer (2021) we completed the transition to Lithium batteries and they are worth the hype. We now have 28kw of power, or enough to run an RV air conditioner over 20 hours straight.

One of our goals was to be able to run an air conditioner while traveling at rest stops or boondocking all night without a generator.

Yes, we do still carry a generator, even with our now 2600 watts of solar and 28kw of battery. We run into strings of rainy days or the evil trifecta of the midwest -- hot, muggy and cloudy.

So from our family to yours, we truly believe solar and RV power Upgrades makes RVing so much more enjoyable.  If you have any questions, please...