Minnesota Offgrid RV Solar Systems

RV Solar System Installation, Estimation & Consultation

We love helping people just like you with your renewable energy needs.  Everything about offgrid solar systems can be confusing including, solar panels to usage estimation, batteries, chargers, inverters and monitors.  We're here to help.

How Much Solar do you need?

That's the question isn't it? We've put together an easy to use solar power estimator to help you on your way.

Solar Systems
Batteries, Inverters, Chargers, Wiring, Fuses, Breakers and Friendly Expertise

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Solar for RVs and Campers

We design & install solar systems for RVs & campers for people looking to reduce or eliminate generator run time. With a properly sized and designed rv solar system you'll enjoy all that nature has to offer not just campgrounds with power pedestals.

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Offgrid Cabin

As you well know, the cost to run electricity from the utility company to your cabin could be in the thousands to 10s of thousands.? Then you still need to pay for it every month. If you're considering solar, inverters and batteries to live with modern conveniences while you escape the modern world we can help.

Solar Energy Partners

We work with the brands you know and trust to delivery quality product and installations.

Battle Born Batteries Dealer
Victron Energy Dealer
Am Solar Dealer
Continious Resources Dealer

We've developed dealer relationships with Battle Born, Victron Energy and AM Solar. We supply and install their products for your RV , Camper, Travel Trailer or off Grid Cabin. We do not sell online, we deal directly with customers, call, text or email for more information.

Previous RV Solar System Installations

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RiverStone Legacy 5th Wheel

Heading west and needing to not worry about power along the way, or anywhere else for that matter.

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Grand Design Reflection

A couple wanting to boondock wherever they pleased and not make any compromises with their Grand Design Reflection.

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Thor Outlaw Class A

When you want to have the comforts of 50 amp hooks form anywhere, you need to go big, and that's what this couple did.

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Crossroads Volante

A local MN family wanted to go boondock, but not exactly rough it. 1260 Watts of solar, 400ah Battle Born Batteries and a Multiplus II 3000 is plenty to boondock for a 3 or 4 day weekend or more.

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Superior Off Grid Cabin

Solar and batteries to keep a cabin powered up and off grid.

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Airstream Flying Cloud

Upgrading batteries to Battle Born GC2s in the stock battery box.

Our RV Solar System Blog
Resources, Infromation & Our snarky takes on the RV Solar industry...

Cost Comparrision of Generator VS Small Solar System for RV

Solar doesn't have to be big, solar can be small and affordable while enjoying the sounds of nature. Let's explore a budget rv solar system vs a small generator for boondocking.

Victron Wiring Diagram Template

We've created a Victron specific wiring diagram template and are making it available for download.

Can't get a reservation at MN State and other RV parks. Now what?

As 2019 and 2020 saw record RV and Travel Trailer Sales soar, the supply of reservable camping sites has not kept pace. Reservations? Where we're going, we don't need Reservations, get ready to boondock.

Can RV solar panels run RV Roof AC

Short answer is yes, long is answer is maybe.